Have you considered sponsoring a little fucker?

Not only will you be helping to properly equip these youngsters with the instruments of death they need to compete, but you will also get the opportunity to promote your name or brand!

Did you know that the viewership of the Little Fucker League matches encompasses nearly 80% of your fellow Lanistas? Like you, they keep an eye on the development of these young fighters that represent the future of NEXUS. When a Little Fucker dies with your crest or name branded onto him it will be seen and replayed in front of millions of potential business contacts. As a Lanista just starting out in NEXUS there is nothing more important than name recognition. Here you have the chance to get some at the expense of young dead Helots!

As part of your sponsorship we will also send updates each week on how your Little Fucker is doing. You will receive win/loss updates, hand (possibly claw or tentacle) written letters and even full color pictures of all its festering wounds. As an added bonus, you get pictures of each stage of decomposition whenever one of your little fuckers die. These make for great conversation pieces in your home or office!

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t let another little fucker go to waste!

Enter your information below to receive weekly updates about your little fucker!

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